Rocket Punch JAPAN OFFICIAL SHOP(hereinafter, "JAPAN OFFICIAL SHOP") does not directly ship outside Japan.
Customers who want overseas shipping can use the FROM JAPAN overseas purchasing/delivery service.
FROM JAPAN can purchase the product for you and ship it to your address outside Japan. To use this service, you must register and become a FROM JAPAN member.
Read the Note below and agree to them to use the service.


  • step1

    Click on the FROM JAPAN banner.

    For the product you want to purchase, click on the FROM JAPAN banner. You will then go to the FROM JAPAN website.
    *This banner is displayed only to customers outside Japan.
  • step2

    Placing an Order at the FROM JAPAN Website

    Purchasing instructions for FROM JAPAN will be displayed.
    Follow the instructions and execute the purchasing request (FROM JAPAN ordering procedure).

    Note that the FROM JAPAN service will bill you for two payments:

    • ・The first payment is for the product purchase.
    • ・The second payment is for shipping and other fees.
    For details, see here.
  • step3

    Shipping After Completing Payment

    After the payment procedure with FROM JAPAN is completed,
    FROM JAPAN will ship the product to you.

    *Note that Fanplus that operates the JAPAN OFFICIAL SHOP is unable to answer any inquiries about anything other than what is written on this web page. We cannot answer any questions about FROM JAPAN's website, services, and procedures and about product delivery times and methods.
    *Delivery to the customer is expected to take some time. We appreciate your understanding in advance.

About using FROM JAPAN to purchase products offered only to

To purchase a product offered only to KETCHY JAPAN members, your registered membership information (Plus member ID, birthdate, and name) will be required.
*Note that if you enter any incorrect information, the purchase might not be possible.

  • step1

    Click on "Leave comment".

    On the manual estimate request page under "Comments", click on "Leave comment".
  • step2

    Enter your membership information.

    Under "Comments", for the KETCHY JAPAN membership information, enter your registered information (Plus member ID, birthdate, and full name), and request a manual estimate.

    If the information you enter does not match your KETCHY JAPAN membership information or if it cannot be verified, FROM JAPAN will contact you. If your information cannot be verified, you might not be able to make the purchase.


  • ・FROM JAPAN for proxy purchasing and Rocket Punch JAPAN OFFICIAL SHOP are operated by different companies. For inquiries about FROM JAPAN, contact the FROM JAPAN customer support. Such inquiries cannot be answered by Fanplus which operates JAPAN OFFICIAL SHOP.
  • ・The purchasing procedure and terms of use for FROM JAPAN are different from Rocket Punch JAPAN OFFICIAL SHOP's. When using FROM JAPAN services, check FROM JAPAN's terms of use, cautions, explanations, etc. If you have any questions, contact FROM JAPAN.
  • ・Because of the way our service works, you may need to wait a while from the time you submit your manual [FROM JAPAN quote request to the time the proxy purchase is actually completed.
    Please understand that limited-quantity items may become sold out during the process.
    For limited-time items, please be sure to start the process early.
  • ・Items with a scheduled release date will be delivered to the address designated by the proxy shipping provider during the delivery period indicated on the product page. Delivery to the customer is expected to take some time. We appreciate your understanding in advance.
  • ・If you do not enter your correct membership information, you may not be able to purchase a KETCHY JAPAN product for members only.
  • ・Fanplus which operates the JAPAN OFFICIAL SHOP cannot be held liable for any problems with any product shipped by FROM JAPAN; any overseas delivery problems (product loss or damage during shipment); and any problems with the contract, negotiations, and transactions between you and FROM JAPAN.
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