International Orders

"KANGDANIEL JAPAN OFFICIAL SHOP" (hereinafter referred to as ""this site"") does not ship directly overseas.
We recommend that customers who wish to ship overseas use FROM JAPAN, a proxy shipping service.
FROM JAPAN is a service that purchases products on behalf of its customers and ships those products to designated overseas addresses.
Separate registration with FROM JAPAN is needed before the service can be used.
Be sure to read and agree to the following important points before beginning use.


  • step1

    Click the FROM JAPAN banner

    Clicking the FROM JAPAN banner for the item you want to purchase will take you to the FROM JAPAN site.
    *The banner is only displayed when browsing from overseas locations.
  • step2

    Order on the FROM JAPAN site

    You will be directed to a page explaining how to shop with FROM JAPAN.
    Please follow the instructions to complete the order procedure with the FROM JAPAN service.

    Please note that payments made with the FROM JAPAN service will come in two parts.

    • ・First: Payment for the product
    • ・Second: Payment for shipping and other fees
    Please visit this link for details.
  • step3

    Shipping procedures begin after payment completion

    After completing the order process and payment with FROM JAPAN,
    FROM JAPAN will proceed to ship the product(s) to you.

    *Fanplus the operator of this site, is unable to answer inquiries regarding the use of FROM JAPAN sites and services other than those listed on this page. We also cannot answer inquiries regarding time of product delivery, delivery methods, etc.
    *It may take a considerable amount of time for a delivery to arrive.

A cautionary note when purchasing DANITY JAPAN member-only products through FROM JAPAN

The purchase of DANITY JAPAN member-only products requires registered member information (Plus member ID, date of birth, and name).
*Purchase may not be possible if incorrect information is provided.

  • step1

    Click Leave comment

    Click Leave comment in the Comments section of the manual quote request page.
  • step2

    Enter member information

    In the Contact field, enter your registered DANITY JAPAN member information (Plus member ID, date of birth, full name) and request a manual quote.
    If the information you entered does not match with registered DANITY JAPAN member information or cannot be confirmed, FROM JAPAN will contact you. Please be aware that purchase may not be possible if your member information cannot be confirmed.

Important point

  • ・FROM JAPAN for proxy purchasing and KANGDANIEL JAPAN OFFICIAL SHOP are operated by different companies. For inquiries about FROM JAPAN, contact the FROM JAPAN customer support. Such inquiries cannot be answered by Fanplus which operates KANGDANIEL JAPAN OFFICIAL SHOP.
  • ・The purchasing procedure and terms of use for FROM JAPAN are different from KANGDANIEL JAPAN OFFICIAL SHOP's. When using FROM JAPAN services, check FROM JAPAN's terms of use, cautions, explanations, etc. If you have any questions, contact FROM JAPAN.
  • ・Due to the nature of the FROM JAPAN service, a considerable length of time may pass from manual quote issuance to proxy purchase completion. Limited-time products may be sold out during this period.
    We suggest ordering limited-time products in a timely fashion.
  • ・For products with a specified release date, the delivery date displayed on the product page refers to the date of delivery by the proxy service to the specified destination.
    Please note that it may take a considerable amount of time for a delivery to arrive.
  • ・DANITY JAPAN member-only products may not be purchasable unless correct member information is entered.
  • ・Fanplus, the operator of this site, is not responsible for problems with the overseas shipment (loss or damage) or with contracts, negotiations, transactions, etc. with FROM JAPAN.