International Shipping

International Shipping

Singto Official Online Shop does not directly ship outside Japan.
Customers who want overseas shipping can use the WorldShopping overseas purchasing/delivery service.
WorldShopping can purchase the product for you and ship it to your address outside Japan.
To use this service, you must register and become a WorldShopping member.
Read the Note below and agree to them to use the service.

  • 1.When you access the website from overseas, the “WorldShopping Cart” will be displayed automatically.
  • 2.Add your favorite items to the WorldShopping cart.
    Click “Add to Cart” of the WorldShoppinng banner to proceed to buy your favorite items.
    The cart will only appear for items that can be purchased from your country.
    →Explore WorldShopping Guide for More details.
  • <Fee>
  • WorldShopping will charge 10% service on the “Total Product Price”*. Once we deliver the product to WorldShopping, you will receive another payment request from WorldShopping containing International Shipping Fee, Handling Fee and Other Fees (If any). See WorldShopping Fees for details.
    *Total Product Price=(Product Price + Domestic Shipping Fee in Japan).
  • ・Fanplus which operates the Singto Official Online Shop cannot be held liable for any problems with any product shipped by FROM JAPAN; any overseas delivery problems (product loss or damage during shipment); and any problems with the contract, negotiations, and transactions between you and FROM JAPAN.

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